Client: Amedion Group M.I.K.E.

Location: Chalkidiki, GreeceStatus: Work in progress
Lead architect: Aspasia Taka
Design team: Marcella Juliana Anthrakopoulou, Maria Avramidou, Maria Solidaki, Vassia Papadaki, Anna Karatzovali, Eleftheria Pouloutidou, Despoina Kakoudaki, Danae Euaggelopoulou, Dora Drouga, Chrysa Kehagia Fragala, Aris Moutafidis

The LOOM PROJECT is located on the coastline of Toroni, in Sithonia, Chalkidiki, at the edge of the Peninsula. It is a new 4* hotel with a parallel restaurant operation. The Greek summer and the Greek tradition consist the source of inspiration for the design and also the owners’ request. The concept was approached through the weaving art and the use of the loom, which are an integral part of the history and tradition of Chalkidiki, a process that helped develop the design of the accommodation spaces. The forms and geometric patterns of the weavings compose the space as horizontal and vertical surfaces. After the visual contact with the sea, passing through the building entrance, one can experience sequentially, the Mediterranean garden, the water element, which is a reference to natural pools), and the characteristic woodland of the Chalikidiki peninsula. The sequences of public, semi-private and private space create an activity axis with uniform morphological characteristics.