Location: Thessaloniki, GreeceStatus: Completed
Lead architect: Aspasia Taka
Design team: TAKA+PARTNERS
Photo credits: Kim Powell Photography

This industrial yet friendly office environment was designed by TAKA+PARTNERS team to accommodate its headquarters. In an existing shell, a metal structure building, TAKA+PARTNERS found a new inspiring nest to keep creating and giving birth to fresh ideas. The offices are situated in a quiet and greenery part of the city of Thessaloniki and reflect all the well-being values of the team’s design methods. Moving forward and facing the future ahead TAKA+PARTNERS designed a new home giving priority to integrated workspace values such as: human interaction, ergonomic solutions, and homey environment. The industrial design was dictated by the existing shell. Nonetheless, the metallic structure was enriched with spaces of socialization and isolation with a fresh and playful character. The layout is organized mostly in open spaces, promoting the co-working philosophy of the team. The 400 m2 space includes offices, a meeting room, a workshop area, a brainstorming area, printing area, wet areas and storage, all surrounded by a central kitchen. The kitchen area is a getting-together and cooking space, thus the most popular area of the studio’s every-day life.