Vimar Pavilion Xenia

Client: Vimar Hellas

Location: Metropolitan Expo, Athens, GreeceStatus: Completed
Lead architect: Aspasia Taka
Design team: Anna Karatzovali, Maria, Avramidou, Vassia Papadaki, Georgia Talari, Eleni Kaimakamidou

In the context of the exhibition of Xenia 2022, an expo centered around hospitality design, TAKA+PARTNERS designed the pavilions for Vimar Hellas. The main pavilion stands at 97,5 m2, and with the addition of the smaller exhibition stand the project totals at 103,75 m2. With the showcase of the new switches, sockets and automation systems of the company in mind, the pavilion was m to promote the products and to simultaneously create a festive atmosphere through lighting design, celebrating the 60-year anniversary of Vimar Hellas. The main pavilion consists of the bar, the reception area with a table for the visitors, a small storage space, the vertical light totems exhibiting the company products, a seating space in the entrance of the pavilion and a back wall with information about the company and its product lines. The initial concept of the design was the creation of a lit ceiling, that would draw the visitor in after entering the hall and giving the desired festive atmosphere to the pavilion. The two main volumes, those of the bar and the storage space, are dressed with polycarbonate sheets and are lit from inside, as to encompass and showcase the open plan design of the exhibition space.