2023- Today

Client: Private

Location: Thessaloniki, GreeceStatus: Work in progress
Lead architect: Anna Karatzovali
Design team: Anna Karatzovali, Anna Lazaridou, Stelina Rizou, Marchella Tzouliana Anthrakopoulou
Photo credits: Renders

The apartment building is located in the area of Kalamaria in Thessaloniki and consists of a basement, ground floor, four floors, and a main usage area on the roof of the building. The aim was to design an apartment building that meets the needs of contemporary living, integrates smoothly into the urban environment, and provides outdoor relaxation areas for the residents.The building is located on a narrow-fronted plot, with access to the property from the municipal road on the northeast side, featuring a designated entrance for pedestrians and a separate one for vehicles. The design was driven by the orientation of the plot and its relationship with the road network, the morphological characteristics, the short length of the main facade, and the intention to incorporate green elements. The building consists of three distinct volumes, which define the different functional zones.