Client: Byblos P.C.

Location: Thassos, GreeceStatus: Work in progress
Lead architect: Aspasia Taka
Design team: Marcella Anthrakopoulou, Nikos Koutroulos, Zoe Papadopoulou, Anna Lazaridou

This project consists of two summer houses, which are located on a single plot, in Skala Sotiros in the Greek island of Thassos. The plot is in dialogue with the sea, in front of which stretches a peninsula which work as natural barrier that delimits an axis between the plot’s beach and the plot itself. The central idea of ​​the proposal concerns the “invasion” of the peninsula within the plot and its transformation into a platform of uses. The platform follows the axis of the peninsula and architecturally translates into building platforms with solid and void zones, water zones, shading and rest zones and green zones. The allocation of the uses and openings of the building follow the direction of the view to the sea and the open horizon while at the same time there is an effort to limit the view from the outside to the inside of the building. The materials and geometries of the buildings and the outdoor spaces are inspired by the local materials, the architecture and the nature of the island.