Client: Maison Elea E.E.

Location: Chalkidiki, GreeceStatus: Work in progress
Lead architect: Aspasia Taka
Design team: Marcella Juliana Anthrakopoulou, Maria Avramidou, Anna Lazaridou, Zoe Papadopoulou, Nikos Koutroulos, Vassia Papadaki

The complex is situated in Ierissos, Athos peninsula in Chalkidiki, Greece. The plot constitutes a small olive grove and the central idea of the design is considered as a division of four design unities. The masterplan’s key points are the unobstructed access and points of view and the maximum integration in terms of accessibility of Persons with Disabilities. Each design unity of the plot is a step towards a new landscape, comprising a narration similar to a journal or diary chapter. The building consists of basement, ground floor and floor with attics in which four independent apartments are layered. Outstanding natural beauty landscape norms, local architecture, topography and orientation were the main principles for the architectural design. The bottom line was to come up with a creative, original and contemporary interpretation of all vernacular traits such as: wooden hipped roof, symmetric orthogonal openings and small balconies with roofs. All traits were adapted in the contemporary way of living and nowadays technology. Similarly, the interior spaces are designed in order to deliver a warm “house” feeling.