Client: Private

Location: Chalkidiki, GreeceStatus: Work in progress
Lead architect: Aspasia Taka
Design team: Maria Avramidou, Natasa Kantidaki, Nikos Koutroulos, Zoe Papadopoulou, Georgia Talari, Sophia Stavrou

The initial objective of the design of the outdoor and indoor spaces for the House for Two was to support the special relationship of the existing building with the outdoor space and the ground. Both floors of the building are directly accessible from the outdoor area. The ground floor opens onto a more private garden with a seating area facing east and to the sea, while the first floor is on the same level with the pool area on the southern side of the plot. An outdoor path around the pool joins the two levels of the garden. This creates a perpetual flow from the inside out and from the lower to the higher level. This relationship is enhanced by the choice of large façade openings and the open-plan internal layout of the uses. The concept of interior design is based on the creation of a relaxing and light atmosphere that draws and combines aesthetic and spatial qualities from the archetypal cottage by the sea and the mountain refuge. The floor is the main living area with living room, dining room and bedroom, where white and light, earth tones predominate in combination with wood paneling. On the ground floor, where the auxiliary and enclosed uses of the house are located such as gym, cellar and sauna, white and wood are combined with dark tones of tiles, upholstery and fabrics, creating a warmer atmosphere. A home for two, ‘liberated’ from the standard form of housing, with focus on the perpetual flow of the space and the concept of liberation from the boundaries and barriers of design.