Client: Private

Location: Thessaloniki, GreeceStatus: Work in progress
Lead architect: Aspasia Taka
Design team: Maria Avramidou, Anna Lazaridou, Nikos Koutroulos, Natasa Kantidaki, Maria Solidaki

The plot of the house is located in the area of Thermi, a fast-growing suburb of the city of Thessaloniki with very interesting qualitative characteristics. Two of the most important characteristics of the area is the amphitheatrical topography of the terrain that enables stanning views of the city and the Thermaic gulf as well as the area’s relationship with nature and vegetation. The proportions of the plot defined the initial shape of the house, a long monolithic block with a minimalist volume and elements that protrude and intrude slightly to accommodate the different functions of the house. A key element of the design is the provision of planted areas on all levels of the building, in order to strengthen the connection of the plot with the wider area and its natural element. The residence is designed with the communal spaces placed on the ground floor, while the private ones can be found on the upper floors. The element that connects, the communal with the private spaces, is a double-height sitting area. This connecting space is located on the façade of the building with unobstructed views of the Thermaic Gulf and Mount Olympus.